Essential oils and plant extracts have been woven into history since the beginning of time.  An essential oil is that aromatic, volatile liquid that is within many shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes and seeds.  These unique oils are the immune system of a plant.  In plants essential oils are present to help heal the plant if it should be harmed and protect the plant from potential predators such as fungi and bacteria.

The chemistry of an essential oil is very complex and can consist of hundreds of different and unique chemical compounds.  Young Living uses steam distillation to obtain essential oils.  This process is unique to each individual plant and requires precise temperatures and periods of time for the steam distillation.  Steam distillation allows Young Living to get the purest essential oils that are very concentrated and far more potent than dried herbs.  Large amounts of plant material are required to produce small amounts of a distilled essential oil.  An example is rose oil.  It takes 5,000 pounds of rose petals to produce 1 kilo of rose oil.  Thousands of pounds of petals!  Can you even imagine?  

Essential oils are not "fatty" oils and therefore do not feel greasy.  Our bodies are able to absorb these delicate oils very quickly allowing them to interact with our bodies and help us in many of the same ways that the essential oils help plants.  Essential oil molecules are so tiny that merely inhaling their pleasant aroma straight from the bottle can create a reaction in our bodies supporting us as we go about our daily lives.  

Are essential oils for you?  Well let's see.

     Essential oils are EASY to use.

     Essential oils are NON TOXIC.

     Essential oils are FRIENDLY to the environment.

     Essential oils promote physical and emotional WELLBEING.

     Essential oils can improve your QUALITY of life.

If any of these sound good to you then "YES!" essential oils are for you!  

We at iUse Oils share a common passion for Young Living essential oils and would love to share that passion with you.  We have made it quick and easy for you to join our team and get Young Living essential oils delivered right to your front door.

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