It's hard to imagine a day without using any essential oils.  Truly, it is. 

Since Young Living entered my life 2 years ago my essential oils collection has grown tremendously.  My husband and I have seven children which provides countless opportunities on a daily basis to pull an oil from our collection and use it.  We use the oils for everything. 

Amazingly our children have caught on and now can tell us what oil they need before we can even assess the damage.  Our 3 year old is notorious for asking for "wavender", it's the Swiss Army knife around these parts.  Our daughters are crazy in love with panaway and ask to use it regardless of what their issue is.  Our son, who is in his early teen years, has developed a sincere fondness for purification to support his skin and keeps a bottle with him at all times.  I had to laugh when one of my son's friends came over and told me about a time that our son "busted out" his oil in class.  Apparently the entire class could smell it.

Over the course of 2 years I have spent many hours educating myself on essential oils, their history, how to use them safely and all of the creative ways that essential oils can be incorporated into every facet of my day.  I have a deep passion to share what I have learned with everyone, thus the driving factor behind the idea and creation of iUse Oils {dot} com. 

With that said, I am genuinely honored that you have found the iUse Oils site and hope that you will be blessed with the information that you find here.  I am excited, as there is so much more in the works for iUse Oils from our treasured team of iUsers!  Again we want to thank you for visiting iUse Oils. 

Now take a look around and let us know how we can help you!


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