After losing my step-son to a medical mistake involving medication and a doctor’s oversight, I was less than eager to start our then eight year old daughter who was suffering from severe allergies on any type of prescription or over the counter medication. She was suffering from allergies year round and needed relief and I never thought essential oils would be the answer we were looking for. Nor did I realize the door that would open as a result of me purchasing that one bottle of Lavender.

Now, our family of 5 use oils for everything and have saved thousands of dollars by doing so not to mention the countless medications that we are no longer putting into our bodies. I no longer fear the 2 am call from one of my babies saying he/she is sick and I no longer have to make the call, “are you sick enough for a trip to the ER or is this something that can wait until the pediatricians’ office opens?” Or, “I wonder if I can get an appointment first thing in the morning.” Now, by the time the doctor’s office opens, I have whatever is troubling my child under control and I can avoid going into a germ infested office with a child whose immune system is already weakened. It isn’t even a thought that crosses my mind like it did in my “pre- essential oil” days!

I believe essential oils can empower moms to heal their children and to improve the health of the entire family. I know how blessed my family and I are to have essential oils in our lives and I desire to share my knowledge and experience with as many people as I can.


Misty Wolverton
Member since 2013

Young Living Executive