What a difference almost 2 years can make in your life!

I am not new to the “granola” world. I have been seeking natural remedies for many years now. I love how intricately designed our bodies are and that our amazing God gave us pretty much everything we need for our health in nature! Don’t get me wrong, I believe there is a time and a place for modern medicine in our society. I am grateful to the many men and women that have put countless hours into their education so that they can help us when we are really sick or hurt, but when we can use natural method, why wouldn’t we? Even though we used many natural methods, there was always something missing.

I started hearing people talk about essential oils about 5 years ago. I was instantly interested. I purchased some from a local health foods store and immediately started to use them. I noticed something, they smelled great…and that was about it! February 28, 2013, I went to a class at Tessa’s house to learn more about using essential oils. I was blown away! I had absolutely no idea the potential that essential oils carried! I purchased my Premium Starter Kit that very night!

Since that day essential oils have become a big part of our everyday life. My kids cry for oils when they are sick or injured. My 4 year old daughter demands her NingXia Red almost every day. My husband and I use them for everyday health and body care. I have a passion for learning more about these oils while teaching others how to use them.

We are so glad that you are here! Please have a look around and take a moment to admire Tessa’s handiwork! She has done a beautiful job and we can’t wait to share Young Living Essential Oils with you!


Haley Smisek
Member since 2013

Young Living Executive