You have purchased your kit, you use your oils, but you are getting low on some of your favorites. Don’t be without the essential oils that you have come to love and depend on! Don’t wait any longer to join the Essential Rewards program!{Insert a screeching sound here.}

“Program?” you ask?

I know! It sounds scary and full of commitment…but it isn’t! It's like Christmas every single month.  So instead of talking about what Essential Rewards isn’t, let’s talk about what it is.

The Essential Rewards Program is a monthly autoship (another scary word) that will bring oils to your doorstep each month. What are the benefits of Essential Rewards?

  • Discounted shipping, only $6.98 flat shipping charge up to 5 lbs.
  • Oils delivered straight to your doorstep each month.
  • Earn between 10- 20% back on points to use like cash on more of your favorite essential oils.
  • Pick your processing day and change it any time you like.
  • Change which oils that you want to receive every month or order the same ones each month.
  • 100% Risk Free!  You can cancel at any time. 
  • One grace month per year if the need arises.
  • Access to exclusive discounts available only through Essential Rewards kits.
  • 100% guarantee that you won't miss out on any earned commissions and bonuses with an ER order of only 100 pv!

That doesn’t sound so scary after all, right?

Collectively, the iUse Oils Team has received thousands of dollars worth of FREE oils through the Essential Rewards Program! Every month we fight the urge to stalk our local FedEx delivery person as we await our beloved boxes.  It's like Christmas every month of the year!

If you are already a member of Young Living log into your account and you can enroll in the Essential Rewards Program.

If you are not a member of Young Living click here and we will help you get started with a Young Living membership today!

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